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The world is changing very fast. People are looking for more options to take care of their things themselves instead of somebody else managing it for them.
That is the reason why decentralization is becoming more and more important.
It is my goal to explain and bring cryptocurrencies to the masses so that nobody feels afraid of that change.
In my opinion it is crucial to understand that a future that we shape ourselves is nothing to be afraid of.

Crypto ConsultationExchange Services

Cryptocurrency InvestmentĀ 

Learn the basics of crypto currencies. Find out where you can safely and reliably buy crypto currencies and Bitcoin. Get exclusive information about the pitfalls, hurdles and obstacles that can cost you a lot of money to ignore! Learn how to successfully invest in crypto currencies in the long run.

Block Chain Business & Merchant Solutions

Learn, which solutions are solved by the Blockchain technology and in which ranges you find already today application. Together with me, find out which coins are based on which technology in order to be able to distinguish spam from future-oriented coins.

Our CryptoPlanet-Magazine

Be there and find out weekly what happens in the crypto market and where new opportunities open up for you as an investor. Profit from years of experience and above-average returns. Save a lot of time and money by staying up to date. Secure our CryptoPlanet-Magazine now to never miss a chance in the crypto market again!

Who is behind CryptoPlanet?

After having pushed the topic #crypto away for a long time as a rather classic buy-and-hold investor, I have gotten really deep into the topic over the last years and learned a lot about the world of cryptocurrencies. Little by little I realized that there is much more to this idea than just trading crypto currencies in the markets. Since then I am convinced that there is a lot of technological potential behind the blockchain and many more people should know about it. That’s why I founded CryptoPlanet to explain the topic of crypto currencies and blockchain as simply as possible to as many people as possible. So if you want to learn more about crypto currencies and blockchain technology, you’ve come to the right place!

Fabian Beining

Founder and CEO

Our Story

Founder Fabian Beining has been active on the stock market for 10 years and has been helping thousands of young people to do something for their finances for years thanks to his platform Investment-Mastery.

In 2011, he founded his first company in the field of digital payment systems, which was based on blockchain technology. That’s why he is one of those people who quickly recognizes upcoming trends and makes something out of them. As an investor Fabian trades daily in the crypto market and is therefore always up-to-date with the latest events.

“After long research I am convinced that decentralized concepts like crypto currencies and blockchain technology are not hype, but will change many areas of the economy fundamentally in the long run.

Since the topic of crypto currencies and blockchain is very technical, I see it as my task to educate as many people as possible about the opportunities and risks of these new technologies.

Whether as investor or private person – we will not pass the next ones around the topic crypto currencies and blockchain.

That’s why I have created a free newsletter for all those who would like to get a taste of this topic and a weekly crypto report for all investors who would like to achieve above-average returns but don’t have the time.”

Some of Our Clients

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Learn more about crypto currencies and blockchain through our weekly free newsletter. Thousands of people have already used my materials and products to understand the world of crypto and successfully invest in the crypto-market.

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